WWF is working together with the VELUX Group to capture the Group’s historical CO2 through forest conservation

VELUX Lifetime Carbon Neutral is a pioneering commitment initiated by the VELUX Group and developed with WWF Denmark and WWF International to take responsibility for both past and future carbon emissions. It is our shared ambition to inspire and encourage other companies to take their climate actions to the next level by taking responsibility for their lifetime emissions. The capture of historical emissions is achieved by following a science-based approach, protecting old forests, thereby preventing tons of emissions from being emitted into the atmosphere, combined with reforestation, reducing future emissions.

The VELUX group goes above and beyond the Paris Agreement’s most ambitious path by both capturing historical and reduce future emissions of its operations and value chain in line with climate science.

Lifetime carbon neutrality is an opportunity for your company to take leadership and play its part in ensuring that nature can continue to provide us with the resources to sustain modern society, including the ecosystem services underpinning our business operations.


Nature means business

Nature provides resources that underpin economic activity worth an estimated US$125 trillion a year. It generously gifts us with food, fresh water, air and a variety of raw materials for manufacturing goods. But our planet is facing a dual climate and biodiversity crisis which presents serious impacts and risks for the planet as well as for the global financial system. According to a report by CDP, 200 of the world’s largest firms estimate that climate change will cost them a combined total of nearly US$1 trillion a year.


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“With the impacts of the climate and nature crises becoming increasingly clear, ambition and action is urgently needed to build a more resilient and sustainable future for all. The VELUX Group’s Lifetime Carbon Neutral vision and commitment is an important step for others to follow”

– Marco Lambertini, WWF International Director General

Nature’s solution

Alongside deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, the conservation of old forests is an effective way to help solve the climate crisis, while maintaining the rich biodiversity of the forest. 20% of global emissions derive from deforestation. By protecting existing forests, we prevent decades of emissions from being released into the atmosphere and accelerating the climate crises even further. Combined with reforestation and planting of new forests, historical emissions are recaptured, enabling lifetime carbon neutrality for the companies that join the commitment.


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Beyond carbon reduction

Lifetime carbon neutrality is more than carbon reduction and capturing. By partnering with WWF to develop new forest projects, companies are also protecting and restoring forests in some of the most carbon heavy and biodiverse environments in the world. This pioneering work will help halt biodiversity and habitat loss and provide local communities with sustainable and viable sources of timber.

A new business imperative

Commitments such as Lifetime Carbon Neutral are paramount if we are to reach a 50 % carbon reduction by 2030 and limit global temperature rise to the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement. Combined with a science-based target approach, with scientifically grounded emission goals at the core of your business strategy, the solutions are right at hand, ready for your company to implement.

Become a pioneer

The next few years will shape the outlook for climate risk for the rest of the century. But we must act now. And lifetime carbon neutrality is an opportunity for your company to take responsibility for both past and future carbon emissions and respond with determination to the biggest challenge of our time.

At WWF we both have the required know-how of conservation and the understanding of business to give your company a prominent position as you pioneer this new sustainable business strategy.

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